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From September 15 to 22, 2020 Beijing Fashion Week will be ushering in its fifth anniversary,


“Light Chasing” is the theme of this upcoming Fashion Week

Light is the desire from deep in our heart, representing hope and direction


With infinite fashion development, Beijing Fashion Week will brave it way through challenges

Bearing its original mission, Beijing Fashion Week will never stop its steps to fashion of highlights

 Chasing the light, Beijing Fashion Week will integrate its platform resources to illuminate the way to the future

Let’s walk together and play the new movement of a fashionable Beijing!


"Give a chance of fashion decision to Chinese brands" Beijing Fashion Week will continue to focus on classic and time-honored brands, engage itself in cross-border integration, and initiate new trend on IP co-branding. It opens its arms to the participation of haute couture, ready-to-wear, underwear, children’s wear, and  accessories, demonstrating the cultural trends in landmark buildings in the capital. Its ultimate show will be broadcast live on TV and Internet platforms, supplemented by exclusive interviews, general interviews, trade fair, static exhibitions, etc., to demonstrate its uniqueness of oriental fashion.


Relying on the livestreaming e-commerce platform, the "Cloud Show”, an innovative part of Beijing Fashion Week, will gather global designers and brands to launch "fashion release + one-touch purchase" with accurate targeting through regional deployment to attract potential customers and realize sales in high efficiency, and provide ultimate panoramic livestreaming shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts.


Fashion Beijing Exhibition 2020

Theme:New Use of Tradition

Themed with "New Use of Tradition", it will conduct comparison between the past and present, trace brand culture, and demonstrate the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese clothing craftsmanship. It will focus on time-honored brands in Beijing, brands of typical Chinese style, intangible cultural heritage apparel, cross-border cultural innovation products, etc., to jointly guard the value of China's excellent traditional culture, and lead trend with the most typical China style in the capital city.

2020 WEEK UP Exhibition

Venue: Fangheng Fashion Center

Theme:Expecto Patronum

With an exhibition area of over 10,000 square meters, the event focuses on fashion design/cross-border product exhibition & sales, trend-related activities, fashion-related interaction, etc., which brings together professional buyers, trend leaders and fashion enthusiasts together to jointly launch a fashion gala. It will be supplemented by other fashion events such as innovation shows, fashion salons, cross-border performances, and trend parties to help attract customers from the industry.

WEEK UP exhibition this year will focus on optimizing brands stylishly redesigned on the basis of inheriting Chinese traditional culture, increase the proportion of brands with national trends and cultural innovation characteristics, and provide professional buyers and the general public with choice on the best reflection of WEEK UP exhibition.


Theme: Aggregation • Empowerment • Ecology

Through the theme sharing, round table forums, themed salons, etc., it will arrange communication with university experts and industry celebrities on the new "way of survival" for fashion brands, and will give an all-round analysis on the possibilities of fashion industry development. The Beijing Fashion Summit Forum 2020 is willing to open its arm to partners from different fields to jointly build an industrial intelligence aggregation platform for the construction of a fashion capital of Beijing.


Professional contest that combine design, modeling, photography, news and other fields will be grandly held during the Beijing Fashion Week 2020, which will be strongly supported by authorities in the vertical field to witness the burst of new fashion forces.


At the closing ceremony of Beijing Fashion Week 2020, several key fashion awards including the Forbidden City Brand Award, Fashion Brand Award and BFW Design Award will be granted to express the lofty respect and high recognition of Beijing Fashion Week to industry elites with outstanding contributions to the development of fashion industry in Beijing. May you be a witness of these awards!

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